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Our fans can help fight the virus

According to scientific research, bacteria and viruses can travel through the air and increase the spread. Bacteria and viruses are more likely to live in stagnant air and poorly ventilated spaces Effective ventilation helps bacteria, viruses and pollutants from spreadingKeep your home virus-free with effective ventilation. NEW…

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ventilatori da soffitto roma marcos

Ventilatori design

What we do ? Beautiful handmade fans, one by one, with love, pride and passion. We use raw recycled die casted aluminum coming from different old objects, even our packaging is natural, we use cardboard which is covered by jute fabric. Why we do it ?…

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ventilatori roma

Ventilatori di classe

Elica di un aeroplano reale per questo modello puro e minimalista. Lame di faggio naturale Quattro strati laminati che vengono poi formati utilizzando una macchina GNC ad alta precisione. Bel mix di legno naturale e alluminio grezzo. Telecomando ON / OFF con 3 velocità e impostazione…

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