The Nautical Furniture born as a stable production in 1958. The English style fits in anywhere in your home. Marcos, actually, is a Roman design center of interior furnishing, Classics & Modern with timeless charm. Still promotes the ‘made in Italy’. self-supporting structures, solid mahogany, recyclability (100% wood), no-toxic paints and furniture components of the same level.

In The Living Solution…An example of a possible furniture.

Everything you see can be had in white, dark brown, light brown, blue, black, grey…and solid mahogany or plywood.

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Mahogany is perfect for outdoor environment…unless you need something that will last less than a life ….

Marcos mobili classici dal fascino senza tempo. Con il suo stile inglese si adatta in qualsiasi punto della casa. Tutto ciò che osservate nelle foto allegate si può avere in bianco, marrone scuro, marrone chiaro ed altri colori a vostra scelta,  inoltre in mogano massello e multi-strato ( di mogano).

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