Every piece is completely HandMade, High quality and of course 100% Made in Italy. Of course you can choose the colors of the skin  at your leisure.

Modello Paolina.


Divano Chester Roma


Chesterfield is a large market town and borough in Derbyshire, England,[1] 24 miles (39 km) north of Derby and 11 miles (18 km) south of Sheffield at the confluence of the rivers Rother and Hipper. With Whittington, Brimington and Staveley it had a population of about 103,801 in 2012,[2] making it Derbyshire’s second largest town. It has been traced to a soon-abandoned Roman fort of the 1st century AD.[3] The name of the later Anglo-Saxon village comes from the Old English ceaster (a Roman fort) and feld (grazing land).[4][5] Its sizeable street market is held three days a week.[6] The town sits on a coalfield, but little visual evidence of mining remains. Its biggest landmark is the Church of St Mary and All Saints with its crooked spire.

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Divano Chester Roma


Chesterfield, a place to go! Visit the city website

Marcos designs and makes produce these items, since over thirty years, classical sofas and chairs of high quality.
His Firm Today shows on the market a collection of models, fruit of lost of working years and creativity, a selection among many designed and produced, to satisfy the demands of a more and more refined consuming public, in search of a product of as taste and first rate, object destined to overcome fashion and times, always actual.


Divano Chester Roma

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