Immancabile deve essere questo articolo Vintage che non smette mai di essere apprezzato. Antico quanto vogliamo, vecchio per alcuni, imperdibile per altri. L’eleganza che si abbina perfettamente con lo stile moderno.

Uomo Morto Roma indossatore legno
Uomo Morto Roma: indossatore in legno.

Utile per Lui e per Lei. semplice ma pratico. Scarpa e pantalone, giacca, camicia cinta e gemelli, pronti per l’uso.

Marcos Roma non perde mai occasione per proporVi articoli che si rivalutano nel tempo.
Uomo morto milano
Uomo morto Milano: Indossatore legno.

Marcos classic furniture of timeless charm. With its English-style fits in anywhere in the home. Everything you see can be had in white, dark brown, light brown and solid mahogany and plywood.

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Uomo morto roma
Uomo morto roma


The company “Marcos” were founded on Mirto Marcati’s passion for sailing and exceptional artistic and technical talent.

Originally the Nautical furniture were made to be practical and lasting.Today they are a new concept of design.

The rebuilding of the furniture, has to be made following the original criteria. MARCOS chose this path and is among the leading players in this field.

For us, space is necessary for the unfolding of life, so our design and the concept of our furniture enable great functionality in a small room, but also it offers an endless variety of decorative features.

The history of our family business began in 1964. With the support of his wife Sandra, Mirto, my father, began to work on the design of the furniture and developed the structures, colours and characteristics that still guarantee the high quality and originality of our furniture. The material on which our design and furniture are based has always been mahogany.

Today we are proud to be at the forefront in the study, design, planning and realization of furniture and interior design furnishings.

MARCOS signature is characterized by our construction techniques and use of high quality materials. This distinguish our furniture and makes it exclusive. 

So if you have a passion for the nautical style, pay a visit to MARCOS. You will find everything you need, from kids room to living rooms and furniture for your professional studio.

You will have plenty possibilities to personalize your navy style decor in an exclusive way.