Exterior Design

Sedie Regista Roma

Sedie Regista

La sedia del regista. Un classico a cui non si può rinunciare. La Marcos, specializzata in mobili per interni ed esterni, consiglia questo imperdibile accessorio per la tua casa, barca, giardino, balcone o roof-top. A seconda delle Vostre esigenze, Marcos ha la sedia da regista adatta.…

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Our fans can help fight the virus

According to scientific research, bacteria and viruses can travel through the air and increase the spread. Bacteria and viruses are more likely to live in stagnant air and poorly ventilated spaces Effective ventilation helps bacteria, viruses and pollutants from spreading Keep your home virus-free with effective ventilation.…

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Tight Stripes

Lazy summer days lie ahead right after spring, and who wouldn’t love to hang out by the pool surrounded by leafhoppers and Spanish vibes? Our new images are shot in Mallorca during our visit at designer Mia Lagermanns charming house in the village of S’Arraco, where…

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